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  1. POLICY OVERVIEW: The Date-Due Slip Promotional Policy balances the Athenaeum ’s primary public service role, to provide high quality library service to Pittsfield’s diverse residents in a welcoming and supportive environment, with the potential for marketing a partner organization for the benefit of library readers.  It is the principle of this policy to develop mutually beneficial promotional relationships between the Athenaeum and other local organizations.   Such promotions will not compromise the Library’s mandate, mission and service values, including intellectual freedom. 

  2. DEFINITION: Date-Due Slip Promotion is a business arrangement where an external organization is provided space on Library transaction receipts for the purpose of communicating with the public with the intent to influence their choice, opinion or behavior.

    • Date-Due Slip promotions are available to the Pittsfield non-profit community where there is mutual benefit to the arrangement.  An example of mutual benefit might be a substantial discount at the partner organization for any library reader presenting the receipt with the promotional message to the partner organization.
    • The Athenaeum retains the right of final approval on any content or image to be included on a date-due slip promotion.

    • While receipt printers at the circulating points are capable of providing several lines of text and graphics with each printed receipt, ads are limited to one graphic and up to five lines of text.
    • Graphics are accepted in most any standard format but must be monochromatic.
    • It is the responsibility of potential promotional partners to ensure their promotion complies with the policies of the Berkshire Athenaeum and all local, state and federal law.
    • Political promotions will not be accepted.
    • Content must provide demonstrative benefit to library readers.
    • Content, once approved and set, will run in the same form for the entire duration of the display period.

  5. SERVICE PRIORITY: The marketing of Library programs and services on date-due slips takes precedence over promotions for other non-profit organizations. 

  6. BOOKING PROCEDURES: Organizations wishing to promote their programs on the Athenaeum date-due slips should contact the Library Director ( or 499-9480 Ext. 100). The opportunity is available on a first come, first served basis.

  7. TIME PERIODS: Ads are placed for a period of up to six (6) weeks.

    • The Library Director shall determine whether an organization is eligible to use the Athenaeum’s date-due slips to promote their program.
    • A decision of the Library Director may be appealed to the Trustees of the Berkshire Athenaeum at their next regularly scheduled meeting.


Updated June 2012.  

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