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The Berkshire Athenaeum exists to initiate, nurture and feed a passion for knowledge and learning, and as one of its primary goals, “People of all ages will have their questions answered or have the necessary resources provided to them to discover answers for themselves.” Supporting this goal, Athenaeum staff regularly offer a variety of staff and public technology training sessions in a computer lab that shares space with the Berkshire Authors collection.


The computer lab consists of tables and chairs to accommodate fourteen participants, a set of PC laptop computers configured for public use, a wall-mounted screen for projection of a session leader’s presentation, power connections for the laptop computers, and a wireless Internet signal, shared with whatever patrons may be using the Athenaeum WiFi signal onsite at the time.


3.1. The computer lab is intended for public and in-service training sessions led by Athenaeum professional staff. On occasion, the Computer Lab may be used for specialized training provided by WMRLS, C/WMARS or other similar library organizations whose program may provide a professional development opportunity for Athenaeum staff.

3.2. Athenaeum staff participate in co-instructional sessions with area teachers or other professionals offering programming that supports the library’s goals by increasing knowledge and awareness of Athenaeum services and resources. Any such scheduled programming assumes the involvement of an Athenaeum professional and the presence of that employee during each session.

3.3. The Computer Lab is not available for general public programming. Those who are in need of a meeting room will be referred to the Athenaeum Room or Auditorium, as appropriate. Those who are in need of a laptop will be referred to the library’s laptop lending service (see Technology Lending Program


4.1. The Computer Lab Schedule is maintained in the web-based application, Google Calendar, available from any computer with access to the Internet.

LOGIN: ********************
PASSWORD: **********

4.2. The library staff member reserving the computer lab (hereinafter referred to as “leader”) should consult the online Computer Lab Schedule prior to firming up the date/time, then enter the confirmed date and time in the Computer Lab Schedule as soon as possible.

4.3. The Computer Lab Schedule entry should include the name of the class/event/group visit (hereinafter referred to as “session”); the date and time the lab is needed; and the name of the staff member making the reservation. Staff are advised to book the lab with enough additional time before and after the event to allow for setup and breakdown.

4.4. On the day of the session, signage should be placed on the Berkshire Authors Room tables alerting patrons that there is planned usage of the Computer Lab. Tent-style signs printed on cardstock have been created for this purpose and are kept in the locked laptop cupboard located in the computer lab. The leader is responsible for placing these signs on the tables before the scheduled session and removing them after the session.

4.5. The leader is responsible for Lab equipment setup prior to the event. After the session, the leader will return all equipment to its proper state:

4.5.1. Tables and chairs moved to their default locations

4.5.2. Laptops and other equipment used are powered off and put away

4.5.3. Cords are properly wrapped and put away

4.5.4. Signage is removed and put away

4.5.5. Drapes are opened

4.5.6. Paper, pencils and other routine classroom debris are picked up



Updated January 2010.  

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