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Materials housed in the Local History Department are for in-library use only and do not circulate. To protect the collections and insure they will be available for future generations while continuing to allow open access to the majority of materials, the departmental design incorporates security arrangements that include sign-in requirements, video surveillance, security gates and door alarms.


When entering

  1. Please sign-in at the Local History service desk with a current mailing address.
  2. If you have circulating materials to check out, please do so before entering the Department or leave them on the book cart provided to the left of the entrance doors.
  3. Newspapers and magazines are not to be taken into the Department
  4. Materials from the Reference collection will trigger the alarms. Please check in with the staff at both the Reference and Local History service desks if you need to use Reference materials in the Local History Department.
  5. If the alarm sounds upon entering the Local History Department, go to either the Reference or Local History Department service desk to resolve the problem.

While visiting

  1. Local History materials are not to be taken beyond the Local History Department entrance.
  2. A photocopier is provided within the department. Local History Department materials are not to be taken to any other copier.
  3. Access to the Reading Terrace is through the Newspaper Reading Room near the Reference Department service desk. Local History materials may not be taken to the Reading Terrace.

When leaving

  1. Be sure you do not have any Local History materials with your belongings.
  2. If the alarm sounds upon exiting the Department, return to the Local History service desk to resolve the problem.
  3. The emergency exit door in the Berkshire Authors Room is alarmed and should only be used when the library is being evacuated due to an emergency situation.


Updated May 2010.  

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