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A. OVERVIEW: It is the aim of the Berkshire Athenaeum to bring people and the resources of the library together, and all library techniques exist for the purpose of providing the best services - educational, cultural and recreational - to the greatest number of people. The library recognizes that, in accordance with regulations adopted by the Massachusetts Board of Library Commissioners, library services are made available to any resident of the Commonwealth.


B.1.  For a variety of reasons, attendance at special programs offered by the library may need to be limited, which will require pre-registration. In those cases, admission to a program shall be given to persons having current library registration without financial liability to the library.

B.2.  Pre-registration to library programs will be approved on a first come, first served basis.

B.3.  Priority registration to programs sponsored by the Friends of the Berkshire Athenaeum or the Berkshire Family History Association may be given to current members of that those organizations.

B.4.  Organizations (i.e. daycare facilities, nursery schools, other educational programs, senior residential facilities, etc.) wishing to enroll more than one participant will be admitted only if there is available space at the time of the program. Library staff offer special programming to these audiences in the normal course of outreach service.


C.1. Notice of library programs are posted on library bulletin boards, distributed to the local papers, radio stations, cable television channel, Friends Newsletter, library website, and social media. Those programs having limited space will require registration in advance.

C.2. In the event that there are more applicants than program space, a waiting list will be compiled. Unless there are restrictions as outlined in section B.3 above, all applicants will be added to the waiting list on a first-come, first served basis.

C.3.  Candidates on the waiting list will be accepted into the program only if one of the previously accepted participants drops out.

C.4. For Children's Library programs during vacation weeks, at the discretion of the children's librarian, a child may be limited to one program pre-registration, while given waiting list status to other programs during that week. Program applicants are advised to prioritize their choice of programs when several are offered in the course of a vacation period.

C.5. Applicants who preregister for programs and fail to attend without canceling their registration may be denied the opportunity to pre-register for future programs.


Updated February 2014 

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