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The Morgan Collection at the Berkshire Athenaeum represents one of the outstanding collections of ballet material in the country.  In addition to artifacts, prints, and photographs, the collection is home to rare volumes of books of special interest to scholars and to students of dance and costume design.  Due to the significance, rarity and value of the items in the Morgan Collection, access to the Morgan Room is restricted.

1.       POLICY

1.a.      ELIGIBILITY: Researchers engaged in work dealing with dance, costume design, set design or with the biographies of persons involved with any of these disciplines, who need material from the collection to further their research may have access to the collection.

1.b.      EXTENDED USE: Extended use of the Morgan Room will be allowed only upon the approval by the Supervisor of Reference Services or the Athenaeum Director.  Some evidence of productive research may be required.

1.c.      ROOM SECURITY: The Morgan Room is to be kept shut and locked at all times.  The room should not be used as a public meeting room.

1.d.      MATERIALS CIRCULATION: Materials in the Morgan Collection do not circulate and may not be take to other parts of the library.  They may be used only in the Morgan Room.  Requests for photocopies must be made to the Supervisor of Reference Services or through the Athenaeum Director.

1.e.      SUPPORT MATERIALS: Notebooks, pencils, paper, portable typewriters, and laptop computers are allowed in the Morgan Room.  Please note, however, that there are no electrical outlets in this room. For the safety and security of the rare materials housed in the Morgan Collection, food, drink, pens, coats, briefcases, packs and/or other carrying cases are not allowed in the Room.

1.f.       AVAILABILITY: The Morgan Room is available by appointment during the Athenaeum's normal operating hours.  Because of staff shortages, library personnel may not be available on a drop in basis to accompany researchers to the room so that prior appointments are highly recommended.

1.g.      REGISTRATION: Persons requesting access to the Morgan Room must provide positive identification, consisting of an identity card with a photograph and current address (i.e. drivers license).  A current Athenaeum borrowers' card is desirable, but not a requirement.  The special collections application form must also be completed.


2.a.      APPLICATION FORM: Have the researcher complete the Special Collections Application Form.  Conduct the reference interview to determine the appropriateness of the access request.

2.b.      IDENTIFICATION: Request positive identification to verify accuracy of application.

2.c.      UNLOCK THE ROOM: Bring the researcher to the Morgan Room and provide requested materials if possible.  Allow the researcher to remain in the Room unattended if necessary.  Remind the researcher to sign out when departing.  If possible, check that the Collection is secure after the departure of the researcher.


Updated May 2010.  

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