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St Joseph High School

Primal Religions Assignment (Grade 12)
November 2011


For this project you will have to focus on the elements of culture as well as the dimensions of the religion that your group chooses. 

You will pick from the 4 primal religions that we have worked on this year: Australian Aborigines, Yoruba of Africa, North American Plain Indians, and the Aztecs of Mesoamerica. 

Your group will then do an oral presentation on your religion keeping in mind the elements of culture and the dimensions of religion.

 Elements of Culture:

  1. Language
  2. Social Structure
  3. Art/Literature/Crafts
  4. Government
  5. Economic system used for survival

You also need to add to this the Location, climate, landforms natural resources, and roles of men/women Children elders/marriage. (If they do not fall into one of the six elements of culture)

Elements of Religion:

  1. Religious experiences
  2. Sacred stories
  3. Written laws and rules
  4. Ceremonies and rituals
  5. Sacred entities , art, architecture
  6. Community.

You will be graded on all of these elements so make sure you include them all!!!


Recommended Athenaeum Databases:

1. Encyclopedia of Religion. Lindsay Jones, ed. 2nded. Detroit: Macmillan Reference USA, 2005. 10735 pp. 15 vols.

2. Gale World History Database

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